Circular Saw buying guide

What Circular Saw Should I Buy? A Buying Guide!

We all agree that a circular saw is one of the widely used power machines used in most woodworking places, but when it comes to buying one from this competitive market, a lot of facts can confuse you!

With this in mind, if you search for an article on what circular saw should I buy, you’re welcome because here we have managed a comprehensive guide to explain the topic in a better way!

For your convenience, We have shared some of the key facts and considered things that you should look at when buying a circular saw

What is a Circular Saw? 

Let’s answer the question in one word, A circular saw is a specially made tool that is widely used in cutting different types of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. 

In another word, this machine is a utilitarian workhorse and handy addition to the toolkit of DIYers. The regular feature is a circular saw is to make cysts in a straight line on pieces of lumber. 

What Circular Saw Should I Buy?

There are more than 5 key facts to look at when picking the best circular saw for your projects like,

  1. Power source
  2. Mechanical Style
  3. Power Rating
  4. Blade Size
  5. And Ergonomics.

#Power Source

There are two types of power sources available for a circular saw, Cordless circular saw and Corded circular saw.

Cordless: Cordless circular saws are the most common type that will be ideal for cutting wood products due to their battery limitations. A cordless is also great for cutting all kinds of hard materials and this is why the machine will require more power to complete your job. 

So ultimately It will drain batteries quickly. This type of saw machine typically ranges in size from 5.⅜ to 6-½ inches. 

Corded: If you want to use a circular saw type that doesn’t need any help from a battery to run it, a corded circular might be your choice. This type of wood cutting machine is ideal for tough cutting tasks such as masonry, steel, and continuous woodcutting. 

When you see these saws in the market, you’ll notice so many sizes are available, and the most popular size is 7-1/4 inches, this size is widely used worldwide. 

#Mechanical Style:

We can notice two types of mechanical styles for a circular saw in the market, sidewinders and worm-drive. 

Sidewinder: Since this style is recognizable and easy to handle, most people prefer it and use it as well. The handle of a Sidewinder-style circular saw is set higher over the blade. 

Another reason why most people use it is because of the price range. Compared to another style, you can buy a Sidewinder-style circular saw at a great price. 

It is also lighter and the blade is driven undeviatingly by the motor spindle. You can choose this style if you’re searching for more convenience in a circular saw!

Worm-Drive: They are a little bit expensive and are a good option for professionals. Worm-Drive style circular saws are only recommended for commercial-type projects for heavy-duty work. 

#Power Rating

Since there are two types of circular saws available, the power rating is different from each other. Cordless circular saws are battery-powered that are commonly rated by the voltage of their batteries. 

Most cordless circular saws come with 20-volt power and some come with 18-volt. And in a single word, the more power your cordless saw will have, the more benefit you’ll get from your machine in terms of better cutting.

Corded circular saw, on the other hand, rated in amperage, the standard rating of a corded saw is 15-amp, however, there are also additional power ratings available in today’s market!

You can choose a power rating based on your project, if you need to cut some hard materials, this will require more power, so buying a high-power rated saw would be good for you!

#Blade Size

The blade size is an important thing to consider when buying the best circular saw. A circular is categorized by the diameter of the blade. 

You’ll notice the widely used blade size is 7 and ¼ inches. 

Based on your job needs, you should pick a size that will help you to complete your job smoothly! for lighter-duty and heavier-duty use, there are so many sizes available. 


Checking the machine’s ergonomics is also one of the key facts to notice. if you pick a circular saw that does not offer an ergonomic feel might waste your money and time.

Since you can’t get access to your machine before purchasing it from the market, it is recommended for you to check a circular saw from your local shop to make sure if the tool fits with your hand or not! After checking a specific model, you can order the same model. 

Always point these lines, an ideal-balanced and well-shaped handle can last for a long time and it can give you more facilities. 

Note: Buying a circular saw is important for all kinds of woodworking places because, with this single tool, you can complete multiple jobs easily, so when it comes to buying a good one, you should not compromise with research, a lot of research can help you to pick the right option for your job!


It is always necessary to consider some major facts before buying a circular saw, this is why most people search for what circular saw should I buy, 

Hopefully, today’s guide was enough for you to explain this topic in a very good way. Remember, a circular saw is such a powerful tool that plays a vital role in providing comfort for cutting all kinds of wood and hard materials. 

If you still have any queries, let us know in the comment box below, we will try to answer your question as soon as we can!

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