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How to Build a Coffee Table – A Step by Step Guide

It’s true that you can just lean against your pillow on your bed and have a sip from the coffee cup watching Netflix. But a coffee table is where you get to enjoy the aesthetics of ‘Coffeemania.’ For a coffee lover, a dedicated coffee table means more than just a table; it’s an identity as a true coffee enthusiast.

Now, you can either choose to buy one from the stores or simply build one for yourself. For avid coffee freaks, we would suggest crafting their own. Trust us; if you have some of the simplest DIY tools, it’s easier done than said!

Let’s find out how!

Is Having a Coffee Table Worth It?

Making a coffee table for yourself is definitely worth it. If you are into coffee more than usual, it’s surely going to add to your love for it. It’s always going to make your coffee sessions more lively and more valuable.

As for placing the table, there are a few options you have in your hand. You can place it in your bedroom, on your balcony, or even on your lawn.

Keeping the table in your bedroom has a few perks. It saves you from falling into the trap of that morning bedtime coffee. Nope, you just don’t wanna be lazy anymore. Get up, freshen up, and sit on the table to have that morning nectar!

When you place a coffee table on your balcony, it changes the way you look at your balcony forever. It’s not a regular part of your house to just breathe fresh air. It becomes a place where you can now ponder on your life, tasting the freshly brewed coffee and sharing your thoughts with your pal or partner beside you.

The same goes for placing the table on your lawn. There’s nothing parallel to the feeling you get to see your kids playing around, and you just have the heavenly drink.

Why Coffee?

 So, why would you go to this extent just to have a cup of coffee? Well, there are plenty of reasons, of course. There are several types of coffee in the market such as Light Roast Coffee,

Medium roast coffee, Dark Roast Coffee, French roast coffee. Coffee is not just a regular drink. It has loads of health benefits that are no denying.

For example.

  • Coffee improves your energy
  • It contains essential nutrients like Magnesium and niacin, Manganese and potassium, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid
  • It lowers the risk of Type-2 Diabetes
  • It can even fight depression
  • It lowers the risk of certain types of cancer

And many other benefits have a good connection to the regular consumption of coffee. So, getting a table for it isn’t something you should consider a luxury.

How to Build a Coffee Table – Step-by-Step Guide?

Follow the following phases and steps to make the perfect coffee table for you.

 Phase 1: Apron Making:

 Step 1: You need to cut a couple of pieces of wood to 42 inches in length. It’s ideal if you can use 1 by 4 inches of wood. Take a miter saw and cut an 8-feet wooden board into the given size. If you don’t have a miter saw in your workstation, you can use a jigsaw, as well.

Step 2: Take another piece of board and make three shorter pieces using a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw.

 Step 3: Form a rectangle with the pieces on the ground. Four pieces on the sides and one piece in the middle. It will support the beam of the structure. Try to cut the ends at a 45-degree angle for precision.

 Step 4: Now, use a few 2-inch finishing nails on the joining sides of the boards. It will form an apron on the backside of the frame.

Phase 2: Add A Tabletop:

 Step 1: For a tabletop, using solid and rugged plywood should be your first choice. You can get a 48 by 28 inches’ plywood for this purpose.

Step 2: Now, get a few 31 by 10 inches’ boards that are 4 feet in length. Place a board on the mid-part of the newly formed apron. You can use a pen or a marker to mark the line-up edges.

Step 3: Now, apply strong glue to the edges under the apron. Spread it evenly using a brush.

Step 4: Immediately place the plywood tabletop over the glued area and press it for about a minute.

Step 5: Now, use 2-inch nails again to attach the tabletop to the frame permanently.

Phase 3: Add Legs:

 Step 1: Cut an 8-feet wood into 4 equal-sized pieces for the legs. You can use a miter saw or a hand jigsaw, as well, for this. Try to ensure flat ends for stability.

 Step 2: Now, take a small drill bit, preferably smaller than the diameter of the screws you are using. Place the 4 by 4 inches pieces in every corner of the legs where they are attached to the apron. Dig two more holes from the side of the apron for the ease of the drill’s channeling.

Step 3: Now place 4 2.5-inch screws in the holes. Tighten the screws as much as you can.

Step 4: Now let the table stand on its own and see if it is waggling or not. If not, then you are done building the table!

Phase 4: Furnishing:

This is the final phase of the table building. You need to simply use a sand block to sand the entire table for smoothness.

Then you can stain the wood for better visibility of the wood grain. After that, you can easily paint with whatever solid color you want.

Finally, apply a polyurethane finish for wood to keep the table safe from humidity and moisture.

So, there you go! Your very own homemade coffee table is ready!

Final Words:

It’s not a big deal to build your own coffee table. If you have some of the regular tools like jigsaws, nailers, glues, etc., figuring out how to build a coffee table isn’t something to dive in the ocean for. All it takes is a bit of time, patience, and attention to detail.

We hope our guide here helps you build your own coffee table soon! Have a great coffee!

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