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How To Use A Circular Saw Properly

A Circular saw is an essential tool for every woodworking place, and it plays a vital role in cutting wood properly according to your needs.

But if you don’t know how to use a circular saw properly and are searching for a comprehensive guide on it, you’re in the right place. Because here we are going to cover all the basic and essential things that you need to know about a circular saw.

We have decorated the entire post in such a way that you’ll get a short guide on how to use the machine safely, and then you’ll see a section that covers some tips and tricks.

So let’s begin!

Before we get started, let’s know everything about a circular saw!

Knowing About A Circular Saw

Checking all the features and functionalities before you start using your machine for any single project is essential. In this section, we’ll look at all the functionalities.

A Circular Saw has so many different parts, such as the front handle, laser guide, safety switch, trigger, dust port, bevel adjustment, base plate, depth adjustment, and retracting blade guard. 

However, it’s not necessary to know quite well about all of them. For example, you should know about the base plate, depth adjustment, trigger, and retracting blade guard. 

Base-Plate: This is a pretty valuable part of your machine that allows you to add the depth of cut by exposing the higher or lower of the blade.

Depth Adjustment: This part is a knob that you can use to transfer the base plate. 

Retracting Blade Guard: This part will play an essential role in protecting your saw blade because your machine will take time for the edge to come to complete after a cut has been made. When you do not use your machine, this feature will cover your machine and keep the saw safe. 

Trigger: This is a speed-controlling option for your machine. As quickly as the trigger clicks, the motor reaches to bring the cutting blade to fill rate. It will smoothly give your device a few seconds to get a higher speed.

A carpenter works with Circular Saw.

Note To Keep In Mind When Using A Circular Saw

Before you start using your machine, safety first. See the noticeable safety guide below to protect your device.

  • Wear a dust mask and safety glasses.
  • Make sure the workpiece is allowed perfectly when you’re cutting. You can use clams and a workbench for smaller pieces. And for a larger piece, use an extension table.
  • If you’re a left-handed person, you should read the saw description to check if the machine supports left-handed users or not. The good thing is, most circular saws are designed for right-handed users.
  • When cutting something with your machine, close your eyes to where you’re cutting.
  • You may get a kickback from your machine, so it’s better to watch the position of your body and stay slightly to one side of your circular saw.

How to Properly Use a Circular Saw?

Using a Circular Saw is not hard. However, It might be challenging if you don’t know the proper use of it. Several steps are required to cut wood properly using your machine.

  • First, it’s better to draw a demo guideline on a piece of scrap lumber. When cutting, pick your machine and start it and move the saw into the material you’re cutting.
  • Then you’ll need to cut the material with the machine’s body, push the blade through the cut and let the pieces fall.
  • Then you should release the machine trigger and let the blade come to a complete stop.
  • When you cut your wood, you’ll see most cuts will be crosscut or rip cuts. A rip cut goes with the grain, and on the other hand, a crosscut goes across the grain of the wood.
  •  If you want an accurate crosscut, you’ll need to use a crosscut jig. A crosscut jig will help you to eliminate guesswork and allow you an ideal straight cut.
  • To cut any larger wood, you can easily create your preferred jig to make flat-out cuts by usually clamping a 1” by 4” board to the workpiece.
  • The blade of your machine may accumulate resin or gum deposits which will make the device less efficient.
  • If you see deposits on the blade, you can check the user manual for wash guidance.

That’s it!

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Choosing a good circular, especially for accurate cutting, is just like having a handy tool in your workshop. But if you don’t know how to use a circular saw properly, you may need to follow a guide like this. Hopefully, you’re now clear about it and ready to use your tool from today.

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