Which Way To Lay Hardwood Flooring?

If you’re a new homeowner and already decided on decorating your home with hard flooring, you may need to know which way to lay hardwood flooring.

Since there are many choices for how your floor is laid and other facts to keep in mind, it’s always a hard subject to figure out–which direction should you have your hardwood laid. 

In this well-researched piece of content, We’ll try our best to share some of the tips and tricks that will guide you on this matter, all you need to do is stay connected with us!

Which Way To Lay Hardwood Flooring?

Horizontal, Vertical, herringbone, and diagonal – you have numerous alternatives, however, the most regular method to lay your hardwood flooring is by straightening the planks parallel equal to the largest well. 

You may notice some people recommend other ways, but believe it or not, this the is most common and widely followed ways 

Although we have already mentioned which way you should follow to lay your hardwood flooring, however, for your convenience, below we have shared some other ways that you can according to your needs.

Herringbone: This is a common and one of the most popular methods of laying hardwood flooring, people prefer this way because of its zig-zag pattern. 

If you use the method, your wood planks will be laid in a diagonal kind of zig-zag pattern. The pattern can be laid out in the classic design with conventional modules. 

Straight/Vertical: In the Vertical pattern, your planks will be installed parallel to each other along the highest of your room. 

This way is quite interesting because the pattern can lengthen the overall look of your room. For example, suppose you want to use the straight design longitudinally from your front door, it will make your corridor appear longer.

Pattern: This method is a little bit unique from other designs, you’ll need enough research and proper planning to start laying your hardwood flooring in a pattern style. A pattern style hardwood flooring can enhance the overall beauty of your room. 

Diagonal: If you have a small-sized home and planning for installing hardwood flooring in such a way that can the space feel larger and longer, we’ll suggest you using the Diagonal style. 

This way adds interest to a home without taking a massive leap from vertical flooring.

What To Consider Before Laying Hardwood Flooring In Your Home?

Hope the above-mentioned methods were helpful for you to understand which way should you follow. In this section, we’re going to consider some of the key things to consider about your space to help you go in the right direction. 

Light Sources: It is important to consider your light sources in your room, know about how your light falls between the boards. Boards that move from the door outwards, can produce a space that looks more substantial or even longer.

Multiple Rooms: If you’re planning to lay your hardwood in multiple rooms, the very first thing you’ll need to consider is a perfect pre-plan before ordering and scheduling your installation. 

Remember two things:

  1. When you install your hardwood floor on an open-concept place, you can install it lengthwise from one end to the other.
  2. And for an oddly-shaped place, you’ll not be able to a continuous line of sight.

To solve this common issue, you can simply lay your planks in a diagonal style or place a sleazy wood strip at the termination of each room where your hardwood flooring changes direction. 

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See, decorating a home is a personal opinion, some people prefer Herringbone, some Diagonal pattern, so you should follow your interest to lay hardwood flooring.

Ask yourself that which way to lay hardwood flooring in your home that can increase the beauty of your home!

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