Should I Get A Table Saw Or Miter Saw First?

Should I Get A Table Saw Or Miter Saw First?

This is a pretty simple and common question for most amateurs because they don’t know the difference between a table saw and a miter saw.

But if you’re one of them and looking for a guide that will answer your question of should I get a table saw or miter saw first, here’s the solution for you.

Because here we’re going to discuss this wide topic that will hugely help you to understand their difference and more.

So without wasting time, let’s begin!

Should I Get A Table Saw Or Miter Saw First?

Since both play an important role in beautiful cutting in your wood workshop, however, both can be used for multiple tasks.

So depending on your job, you’ll need to decide which one you should get first. If we explain it simply, you’ll need to know more about their usages, and purposes. 

Follow the below section where we’ll share about their usages so that you can get a clear view.

Explanation Of A Miter Saw

miter saw

The primary usage of a miter saw is accurate crosscutting and angular cutting because a miter saw works with a swing mounted blade that allows users to set multiple angles.

A Miter Saw uses a circular blade that is fixed on a swing arm which can be brought down onto the workpiece. 

But a miter saw is ideal only for some specific purpose in woodworking projects, Table saw, on the other hand, is a great machine for most general woodworking projects.

In terms of providing the best control on your cutting moment, a miter saw will be best, but when you are looking to buy a blade for a miter saw, you’ll have to pay a bit more money from your pocket compared to a table saw blade.

Explanation Of A Table Saw

Table saw

A table saw is a wooden tool, mounted on top of an arbour consisting of a round saw blade, wielded by an electric motor. The blade spreads over the top of a table, which is the element being cut, usually providing support for the wood.

Since users can easily use the saw from the table, you can use it very quickly and efficiently to complete your wood cutting tasks.

A table saw is a flat table with a blade built into it, without a table, the saw and blade is another part and the table is another part, and the combination of these two parts refers to a table saw, and the blade of a table saw is fixed on a motor below the table which can be raised and lowered.

A table saw can do a lot of woodcutting jobs for different purposes. Most beginners feel comfortable with a table saw because of its easy functionalities, and if you look at your nearest woodworking workplace, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one place without a table saw.

Not only that, you’ll find a massive number of models, colours, sizes whether you buy one from your local shop or online. But you only need to research a lot to find the right one that will meet your actual needs.

The Key Difference Between a Miter Saw and Table Saw

Although you may find some additional differences, The key difference between these two machines is accuracy and portability. 

How Do They Both Work?

The rotating blade of a table saw is in a Permanente location and you’ll require to move your wood stock against the blade to make a perfect cut, 

And in the case of a miter saw, you’ll need to fix the stock on your table and bring the blade onto your wood to make an ideal cut.

Their Portability

Portability might be a big fact when you look for an easy-to-carry option and no doubt that a miter saw will be the winner in the case of portability.

So if you need a machine that you want to use for different places for multiple jobs, there are no better options than a miter saw because a miter saw is highly portable and would be very handy for both professionals and beginners.

Table saw, on the other hand, you’ll be required to set up a table with your machine, so it would be a hassle-full thing to carry the whole setup from place to place.

Their Accuracy

Here also a miter saw will be the winner in terms of accuracy cutting because it provides a precision miter cut and bevel cut of wood or other smoother elements like plastic.

But we don’t say that a table saw can’t do the same thing, to see the actual result, you can try to make a precision cut, you’ll see the chances of making a mistake go up fatally for sure. 

The Difference Between Their Prices

Price can be a fact if you’re a beginner because professional users know that If you want to get something good, you have to spend well.

However, since a table saw is larger than a miter saw and offers so many options for beginners, it will cost a bit more.

But one thing always remembers that if you’re going to buy a machine that is made from a reputable brand, you’ll have to pay a larger amount compared to a normal brand tool.

So the decision is yours!

Which One Should You Get First? 

As mentioned, a table saw is a power tool that is surely a helpful machine for every beginner who wants to start their career in this woodworking industry.

You can make your cuts easily with a table saw safely, but if you’re professional we will highly suggest trying the miter saw first!


If you still ask the same question “Should I get a table saw or miter saw first” we just want to say you read the entire post from the top of the page, hopefully, you’ll understand when and where you should get a table saw or miter saw.

However, the short answer will be, if you’re new and just want to know about how to handle a power tool to cut wood, a table saw will help and guide you in this case, but for professionals, a miter saw will be the best option to do a large type of project.

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