How To Use A Table Saw To Cut Plywood

How To Use A Table Saw To Cut Plywood?

If you would like to cut plywood via a table saw, this would be the most simple way, but using a table saw in this particular task is not as simple as you can think.

You have to use your table saw machine properly and need to know some useful tips and tricks.

But don’t worry, because here I come with a complete guide on how to use a table saw to cut plywood.

I have designed this guide with 8 simple steps, and if you follow the steps perfectly, you’ll be able to complete your task in a short time.

So let’s get started! 

How You Can Easily Start Cutting Plywood Using Your Table Saw?

As mentioned at the top of the guide, the entire process of cutting plywood is going to be a simple and easy job, just need to have a proper guide,

Here’s how with eight steps: 

Step #1: Select A Perfect Table Saw Blade

I’m not saying that you can’t use a cheap blade with your table saw machine to get a better plywood cutting performance, But you have to understand that if you want something better, you have to pay more! 

My recommendation for you that you can use a good quality blade with a tooth count of 80 TPI for a better result.

A blade that has 80 TPI will be best for smooth cutting and which is fine for plywood cutting. On the other hand, a blade with fewer TPI works great for rough cuts.

So you have to pick the right one for your model, good to say that the blade that you have got with your table saw will not be suggested for a better plywood cutting, you have to change the blade. 

Step #2: Increase The Table Saw Blade

Assuming you have picked the right blade from the market, now all you need to do is just put your blade in the right position on your saw machine.

Here you should need to know that you may face a kickback issue while using your saw, but don’t worry, to overcome the issue, you can set your blade to come off the wood at the gullets. 

Step #3: Try A Zero-Clearance Insert: 

What it does is it helps you to get the cleanest cut, it inserts near the gap around the shoe. I will recommend that you buy a sellout insert for your table saw. 

This is not the final option for you, you can also create a zero-clearance throat plate at your home by following the below guide:

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is select plywood or wood onto your table saw and make sure the wood has not slept away from the grip.
  • Finally, clamp the insert down, that’s it!

If you use a piece of wood, then you’re going to cut the wood on top of the insert, Generally, this will preclude the bottom layer from chipping downward because of the little gap between the insert and the blade.

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Step #4: Secure The Plywood Sheet:

The most common plywood sheet might be 4/8’’. So laying the plywood flat on your table is next to inconceivable while staying it close-fitting against the fence. So you might require someone to make a clean, straight cut securely.

Step #5: Find Your Point and Then Mark and Tape:

At this point, you can follow a simple tip that is you can use your marker pen to point a straight line. 

And then your aim when cutting plywood is to get perfect consequences. For this, you have to use masking tape.

So tape on the line you made with your marker pen, normally it will keep the fibers together during your clean cut.

Step #6: Safety First

Remember that when you’re going to use any kind of power tool like a table saw, you have to make sure that you have the right protection, ensure you’re wearing safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and more.

Step #7: Time To Start The Main Part!

If everything goes well, you are now ready to start the cutting, all you need to do is just hold the sheet and keep it perfectly pressed against the fence, lightly use your hand nearly to guide the sheet through the blade.

On the other hand, hit the sheet towards the cutline. Remember that if you move your hand closer to your blade too much the consequences can be ghastly.

This was the complete guide on how to use a table saw to cut plywood, but once you’re done, you should turn off the saw machine.

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FAQ Section: 

#What Is The Main Purpose Of A Table Saw?

Answer: A table saw is a great innovation in this age of digitalization. The primary use of a table is to make sure and precise cuts on wood, you can use a table for three types of cuts, ripping, cross, and dado cut!

#What is the difference between a table saw and a circular saw?

Where A circular saw is a hand-held device, the table saws are placed on a flat surface. Forced to say that a table saw is playing an important role in cutting accurate cuts, while a circular saw makes less cut.

#Do I need a stand for a table saw?

Yes, You’ll require a heavy-duty stand to allow the workpiece as your saw machine moves past the blade and off the table.


A Table saw is always recommended for cutting perfect plywood, but having a piece of good knowledge of it can help you a lot to make your works faster and easier.

So I hope you have enjoyed the entire guide on How to use a table saw to cut plywood, but if you’re facing any issues, let me know via the comment box below!

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