How To Cut A Small Circle In Wood

How To Cut A Small Circle In Wood? The Most Preferred Ways!

Are you looking for the best way to cut a small circle in wood? If yes, then you’re on the right page.

Because here I’m going to provide a well-researched guide on How to cut a small circle in wood.

Although you can do the same thing using another saws machine, however,  for this article, I’m going to show the process with a Router Circle Jig,  Bandsaw Circle Jig, and a Table Saw Circle Jig.

So Let’s get started with my easy guide! 

#Method Number One: Using A Router Circle Jig:

If you’re just searching for the most well-known way to cut a small circle, using a Router Circle Jig would be the best way!

To do that, you have two options to get started! Buy a circle jig making sure it will fit with your router or try to make one yourself.

I will highly suggest you make a circle jig if you’re an experienced person, or if you’re a beginner, of course, you should buy one.

Assume you will buy one or make one yourself, then you’ll need to follow the below section to complete the process:

  • The first thing you will need to do is to make a compact-sized pilot hole in the jig, ensuring from the edge of the router’s bit.
  • For instance, If you want to use a 15” diameter circle, you have to create a pilot hole at 7” from the bit.
  • Now you have to search for a middle point of your wood blank and try to drill a pilot hole, and then mound the jig via a finish nail.
  • Now with the help of an up spiral bit mounded in the router, try to plunge your router 1/8th of an inch and then run your router around in a clockwise path.
  • Modify the bit to plunge 1/8th more profound and at the same time make another revolution at this depth.
  • You have to continue until you get the perfect small circle.

#Method Number Two: Using A Bandsaw Circle Jig:

If you’re already owning a well-quality bandsaw in your working place, you don’t need to follow the first method from this list. Because the easiest way is using a Bandsaw.

Here’s how to do that: 

  • The first thing you will need to do is search for the center of your wood and create a compact pilot hole and mount the black place to the pivot pin on the jig.
  • Then you have to slide the sled forward straight using a ¼” bandsaw blade, cutting into the blank.
  • You’re almost done, just rotate the blank clockwise and try to cut the circle.

#Method Number Three: Using A Table Saw Circle Jig:

Although most people don’t know to cut a small circle in wood using a table saw, however, it can be a great way to do that!

Here’s how to do:

  • Follow the same procedure as the other methods, yes, I’m saying that find the center position of your wood blank.
  • Make a small pilot hole and also mound the blank to the pivot pin on the jig.
  • Here you have to cut off four corners of the square blank by sliding the jig forth and back through the blade.
  • Then go for cutting the eight remaining tips of the blank, and again to start cutting off all the remaining bulges until the blank is as near to a circle as you can create it.
  • Now at this point, you have to line up your jig with the front tips of the blade.
  • After that, you can stop to lock the jig.
  • Then rotate the blank clockwise into the blade to shave the circle for a perfect one!
  • That’s it, but for your safety reason, you may want to use push pads.


Cutting a small-sized circle in wood is not as complicated a task as you can imagine. The job would be simple if you have the proper knowledge about it.

So I hope you’re now clear and got the right answer about How to cut a small circle in wood. If you still have any issues with this topic, feel free to comment below! I’m here to help you!

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