How To Change A Coping Saw Blade

How To Change A Coping Saw Blade? Simple Steps

The primary use of a coping saw is to cut delicate curves in moderately thin numbers, but if you feel like you have to change your saw blade, it’s important to follow a step-by-step guide.

Don’t worry, because here  I’ve shared a well-researched guide on how to change a coping saw blade.

In addition to a useful guide, I will also share with you some needful tips that you can apply when changing your coping saw blade.

How You Can Change A Coping Saw Blade Yourself?

Changing a coping saw blade will require some noticeable steps to complete the process. So follow my 10 easy ways to change it quickly below:

Step #1: In the first step you will need to hold the coping saw properly and try to carefully remove your old useless blade by holding the frame with one hand and turning the handle of the saw counterclockwise with the other to salvation tension.

Step #2: Rotate the handle based on the needs, the blade will pull loosely away from the pins on each side of the frame. But make sure you do not try to remove the pins from both sides at the same time.

Step #3: side out the old blade and ready your new blade to install with the saw.

Step #4: Set the new blade in the right position of the saw and pin it on the outside of the holder on each side of the saw. That’s it, SImple!

Note: If you look at today’s market of coping saw, you can see that some blades have levers that support adjustment of the blade angle. 

If you would like to use them, all you need to do is just release the blade tension, and turn the levers at the point of the compass, and finally, tighten it.

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Why is it called a coping saw?

Simple, because it’s mainly used for making coped joints, and a coped joint requires 2 strips of molding.

  1. One will cut flat at the end to fit in opposition to a wall.
  2. And another one will be shaped to match over the over piece so that the two form a tight joint.

What are the disadvantages of a coping saw?

There is no risk of injury when using a coping saw tool, because the tool does not use any electronic power source, but you always have to be serious during your work.

Can a coping saw cut hardwood?

You might know that this type of tool uses a very thin metal blade to cut thin wood, but you can use them for hardwood, however coping saw blades are not popular for hardwood.

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As mentioned on the top of the content, a coping saw is a kind of bow saw that you can simply use to cut intricate external shapes and interior cut-outs in carpentry.

When you need to change its blade, you should be careful and change it with proper knowledge.

Hopefully, today’s post on How To Change A Coping Saw Blade will hugely help you to do the work perfectly.

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