Best Miter Saw Blade For Pvc Pipe

Best Miter Saw Blade For Pvc Pipe To Buy in 2023 with Beginners and Professionals User guides

Well, when you have the Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe, it means you’re the lucky person. Because a miter saw is not only an ideal option for cutting low quantities of PVC pipe, but also you can use the tool for cutting large quantities.

However, they are a bit expensive compared to other wood cutting tools but having the best one in your hand means you can easily cut all kinds of PVC pipe in a short time.

Here I’ve found some of the market’s top-selling and most popular miter saw blade with the ability to cut PVC pipe with confidence, they are also affordable, but not too cheap.

The Best Miter Saw Blade For PVC Pipe:

1. IVY Classic 35056 Swift Cut 10-Inch

As the first pick on the list, the IVY classic is all in one solution for your job, especially designed for cutting PVC pipe, plastic, and more.

It’s not only a perfect balanced miter saw for cutting PVC, but also it’s the perfect one for vinyl siding and light gauge aluminum up to ⅛’’.

The blades are features precision teeth with no set for soft and smooth, perfect cuts. These high carbon alloy-steel blades are produced for it’s amazing cutting performance.

But when you use the blade for your job especially in the case of cutting any PVC pipe, make sure you use the blade carefully and slowly. Because working slowly with the blade work much better than fast.

The installation of the blade is just a matter of few moments, all you need to do is just follow the user-manual when setting up the blade with your favorite miter saw.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because the whole body weigh is light that make it more perfect for cutting all kinds of light PVC pipe.
  • Because the price point is in your reach.
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In the case of any miter saw blade design, it’s not big fact, however if you’re going to become a professional plumber, you may want to use a blade that looks better than a normal one.

In addition to the design of the blade, it comes with many more features with benefits that you may look during your work.

It’s a blade powered by a technology called Vacauum Brazed technology, the new innovation make the miter saw more demandable and industrial professional.

The two side of of the blades are core coated with abrasive grains that offers a smooth and reduce heat geneating. The most attractive fact about this product is it guaranteed to give a well combination of speed and cutting.

The out diameter is only about 7 inchs and the thickness is approximately 2.6mm with the arbor of the 7-8 inchs.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because you’ll get outstanding working perfectformance with this compact tool.
  • Because the thickness size is ideal for cutting PVC pipe.
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3. Freud 10 In 80 Tooth

As the third pick, the Freud 10 inch and 80 tooth miter saw blade is ready to help you for your next PVC pipe cutting project. 

But the only problem is this blade is one of the most expensive miter saw blades in the market, however, in terms of quality and performance, the price will not be any fact for you.

All of the industrial miter saw blades of Freud’s brand are carefully crafted using the perfect materials. Made with the most innovative designs and manufactured well.

For maximum the user’s life, the blade is particularly created for an amazing performance. There are so many different sizes, designs, and features are available to choose from according to your needs.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because the blade is perfectly designed.
  • Because it gives you a guarantee of soft cutting performance.
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4. SHDIATOOL 4-1/2 Inch

Before going into the review of this Shdiatooth 4-½ inch miter saw blade, you may want to know a brief about company, right?

Well, Shdiatooth primarily is a professional producer and supplier focusing on diamond tools. They are only focusing on offering high-quality and practical tools for all kinds of needs.

As I’ve shown another product from the same brand on my list, the quality and almost everything is same, but if you ask for suggesting the best one among them, I will answer you this.

The out diameter of the blade us only about 115mm and the incision thickness is 2.3mm. With it’s 22.23mm arbor, it’s also comfortable for most of hand-heid grinder.

You’ll enjoy it’s easy dry cutting without water, created to cut through the tough materials like PVC pipe, copper pipe, cast Iron, aluminum, marble, ductile Iron pipe, and more.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because you can use it for multi-purpose
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5. LASCO 13-2998 Metal Inside Plastic Pipe Cutter

As the final one, let’s finish the review of the best miter saw blade for PVC Pipe with this user-firnednly blade called LASCO 13-2998 metal inside PVC pipe cutter.

to replace blade” then don’t waste your time, make the right decision and try this one.

Because the cutting wheel is 3.15cm in diameter and the center hole only about 0.62cm, and the thickness is only about 0.1cm. These are the signs of a well-balanced miter saw blade.

The company over 80 years of product making exprenace offer this products at a rejenable price range to the customer. This blade is also comes with 1-year limited warranty.

WHy Should You Buy It?

  • You should buy it because the blade comes with full 1 year limited warranty.
  • Because the blade is affordable and durable and will help you for long-tearm project.
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6. Forrest WW05T407085 Woodworker

You can truly believe in this mitre saw blade, because it can cut non-ferrous metals and plastic, and even PVC Pipe.

The thin kerf makes it easy to leave a sift cut and put minimal strain on the machine’s motor. And this is why I have picked it as the best mitre saw blade for PVC pipe.

It has 80 carbide-tipped teeth and is 10” in diameter. They will always offer a smooth cutting experience because the teeth are the triple-chip grind design that 5-degree angle.

There is a Perma-Shield non-stick coating on the blade which will help to decrease the maximum pressures on your machine.

The laser-cut heat spread slots support the blade to amplify due to heat built-up keeping your cut strong and real.

Technical Details:

  • Manufacturer: Diablo
  • Kerf: Thin
  • Number of teeth: 80
  • Max RPM: 7,000
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Colour: Multi
  • Material: Carbide
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How To Cut PVC Pipe With A Power Miter Saw? A Guide For Beginners and Professionals:

Just having a good quality miter saw helps you cut through PVC, you need to learn more about it and find out the what is the best way to cut PVC pipe with a miter saw in a quite easy way.

Here in the section of today’s discussion, I’m going to share an authentic guide on how to cut PVC pipe. Before I start the guide, I’ll also tell you what you’ll require to cut it.

Some initially required tools:

  • A Well-built Miter Saw.
  • A Specially Designed Miter Saw Blade For Cutting PVC.
  • For Your Safety Reason, Manage These Things: Hand Gloves, Eye Protective Goggles, Mask.
  • A Permanent Marker Pen.
  • Pipe Clamps
  • That’s it!

Well, assuming you have all these things in your hand and want to get started. So let’s get started!

Safety: Before you start the job, you have to take some safety precautions, because you’re not going to do any simple task although it seems simple. 

Eye Protection: the eye is the most important part of our body, taking care of them is also important during all kinds of work. 

So when you’re going to with any power tool especially with the miter saw, you have to wear a protective glass, because a miter saw features a powerful motor that rotates the blades at an enormous speed. And that’s how a miter saw gets its power to cut the material.

Hand Safety: Okay, Assuming you have your eye protection, now you need to protect your hands because your hands will be required to do a lot of things during the work.

Normally a miter saw uses a pure round blade, and the blade is sharp and rotates at an enormous speed that makes the blade hazardous.

So it’s more important to keep an eye on your hand while working. and that’s why make sure you keep a balanced distance so that the hands don’t come close to the blade.

Wear industrial-grade safety gloves. They will work best to protect your hands from sudden cutting!

Protect Lungs: Protecting our Lungs is more important than our eyes. All of the power saws make so much dust, And believe it or not, these kinds of small scars are very harmful to the human body.

So wearing a mask is a perfect way to avoid harmful things for our health.

Well, I’ve just shared some initial things to preparing for cutting a PVC pipe with a miter saw, nothing more, now going to give you the step by step guide on how you can do this.

The Four Easy Step To Cut PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw:

To cut a PVC pipe requires some steps to complete the whole task carefully. I’m making these as four steps. See them below and try yourself.

  1. Make your Saw machine Perfect.
  2. Measure and Mark the Pipe.
  3. Set The Pipe To The Machine.
  4. And Finally, Start Cut According To Your Needs.

Step #1: Make your Saw machine Perfect.

Make sure all the settings of your miter saw is well because it’s important to know before going to the cutting mode. 

A miter saw is used for many tasks, Different blades are used for each different task, so pick a blade that suitable for cutting PVC pipe, and then set it up with the machine carefully.

Follow the next step below,

Step #2: Measure and Mark the Pipe.

Fixing the primary goal of your work will help you to finish the whole task better. What I mean by the word is, measure out the PVC, you would like to cut off.

To making the process simple, use tape and mark the point with a permanent marker pen. I’m not saying using a permanent marker pen to point your cutting section is the only way, instead of using it, you can try a regular pencil.

Step #3: Set The Pipe To The Machine.

This part is a bit tricky, but not much. To set the pipe with the machine, use the pipe and clamp to provide a firm grip.

Note: using your hands to do that can make your hands in danger, so don’t use your hands to give it a tight grip, 

If everything goes well, try to align the cutting point with the machine throat plate.

Step #4: Start Cut According To Your Needs

Well, we’re now at the final step, in this step, you need to plug the miter line into the power source and pull the trigger to start it.

Once it’s done, wait for a second until the blade starts to run at its full speed. Once the blade is started fully, try to carefully and slowly bring down the blade on the PVC to cut it in half. 

That was the short guide on how you can cut a PVC pipe using a miter saw blade, if you have any issue related to this topic, just comment to us below for an answer!

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